The future of iGaming is powered by machine learning


Rootz was built on the belief that a company should be lean and dynamic, able to adjust quickly to changes in the industry. Whether that be the ability to implement new technologies or creating a full-scope platform, Rootz was built to manage growth. But flexibility and scalability mean little if the most important element is missing – the customers.

Machine learning and automation will help Wildz, the first casino brand from Rootz, increase player retention by responding to each customer’s demonstrated preferences. Machine learning also improves security by helping to identify responsible gaming issues and cases of fraud before they become problems.

Most importantly, machine learning helps people avoid time-consuming data crunching and, combined with smart automation, eliminates labour-intensive work currently being done elsewhere by teams of workers.

So, what does Machine Learning bring to the iGaming environment?

Player Insights

  • Customer journeys: Segmenting players based on certain variables – player lifetime, deposit frequency, site activity, etc.
  • Improves over time: Learning begins upon customer registration. The more activity by a customer, the more we can improve on their experience by tailoring complex rewards to their specific preferences.
  • Effective AI: Player behavior models based on real time metrics connect with business logic to help make the best decision at the correct time.
  • Early VIP identification: Identifies and alerts the Loyalty+ team to potential VIPs.
  • Casino experience: Predicts player mood/temperature based on numerous factors, not least of which is the results of recent activity.
  • Session length prediction: Influences the timing and frequency of rewards, if and when certain communications should be delivered (which happens automatically), or alerts the correct personnel concerning potential RG problems.

Next Level Security

  • Suspicious behaviour & fraud detection: The system can identify subtle patterns in activity that may indicate a potential case of fraud. The Payments and Fraud team is automatically notified that a closer review is needed.
  • Bonus seeker detection: Stops bonus hunters in their tracks by identifying suspicious play and “probing” activities.
  • Next gen Gaming Limits/RG model: Specific limit recommendations in real-time based on player activity, depositing history, and other areas where unusual activity may signal an RG issue. (Coming soon)

Personalisation and Rewards

  • Game/Category Preferences: Focuses player on games with which they are likely to interact.
  • Bonus recommendation: Not as simple as it sounds, but the player gets the rewards they like at the moment when they are most likely to engage.
  • Automated CRM: Communications and customisation based on user attributes, rewards based on user value

Tools based on machine learning have, and are continuing to be, built into the Rootz platform. A user-friendly dashboard with real-time insights allows Rootz to quickly focus on areas that can be improved and make decisions based on the most comprehensive information.

No one can say with any certainty what an industry might look like 2, 5, or 10 years away. What is certain is that automation and machine learning are going to be critical factors in any iGaming future. Wildz, powered by Rootz, is leading the way.