Rootz – Built for the Future

With an industry constantly adapting to new regulations and technologies, the iGaming platforms of the future must be flexible as a result. We are pleased to introduce Rootz, a new iGaming platform built to harness the power of data to satisfy customer preferences, comply with new regulatory requirements, and adapt to the inevitable technological changes of the future.

Business Analytics

With Rootz’s real-time analytics, we use the most current data to assist with making the right decisions. The Rootz analytic engine uses machine learning to tailor bonuses and offers to customers, identify the performance of games and promotions, and provides in-depth customer insights helping Rootz manage resources more effectively. The analytic engine is also used as a tool to identify early signs of problem gambling in order to help protect our valued customers.

Regulatory Compliance

iGaming regulations are always evolving. This flexible platform eliminates the need to spend large numbers of man-hours coding modifications into the platform or devoting human beings to tasks that could otherwise be automated. Built as a modular product, simple modifications can be made to specific modules without the need for wholesale changes to the code. This not only saves time and money, but also allows Rootz be quickly modified to become fully compliant with ever changing iGaming regulations.


One of the governing philosophies surrounding Rootz is the idea that the platform should be scalable and adaptable to allow for future growth. With Rootz, new features can be added quickly. This not only means that game and payment providers are easily integrated, but that entire new casinos can be developed and implemented in a fraction of the time it currently takes.

Make no mistake, Rootz is the platform of the future.