Automate the Game – The Rootz Analytic Engine

At the heart of the Rootz platform lies an analytic engine which automates important casino functions. This engine customizes the player’s lobby, automates customer communications, and powers a robust and responsive rewards system.

Data-Driven Suggestions

Based on the customer’s gaming history, the Rootz analytic engine will configure a custom game lobby for each individual player. The games they play most often will be prominently featured and titles with similar features or genres will also be automatically suggested to the customer.

Automated Communications

The Rootz analytic engine empowers CRM to automate customer communications, saving valuable man-hours and eliminating mistakes.

Based on customer actions, dynamic email, SMS, push, and on-site messages are generated with information relevant to each customer. From welcome messages to bonus offers and payment confirmations, customer communications integrate data to give a personal feel.

Keep an eye out for more news about Rootz and CRM in the future as the platform matures and its power is unlocked.

The Right Rewards

The analytic engine automatically configures the appropriate reward for each customer based on their lifecycle or playing session, preferences, value, and the return-to-player.

Rewards may trigger based on the customer’s current lifecycle or during gaming sessions. Rather than simply accepting the notion that customers follow regular patterns, Rootz harnesses real-time data to identify just the right time to trigger a reward and engage the player.

The customer’s demonstrated preferences are factored in when selecting which game to award free spins. If the only game a customer plays is Starburst, most of their free spins will be awarded for this game. If a player prefers to play a wide selection Egyptian-themed games, they will often receive spins to titles in this genre.

The value of the player is also factored in to the rewards. A player which usually wagers €3 per spin will receive larger rewards than the player who consistently wagers €0.20. VIPs receive special treatment with regular cashback rewards.

The analytic engine can be harnessed in real-time to encourage player retention by monitoring the return-to-player and providing timely, surprising rewards.

The Rootz engine provides next-level automation for and future casino products. Built with the philosophy that smart data should inform decisions, Rootz takes the guesswork out of many important business decisions allowing Rootz to focus its resources and provide Rootz’s players with the rewards they want, timely and relevant communications, and promoting the games that would likely spark their interest.